Human Kind

Jolien sent me a book ‘Human Kind’ as Christmas gift. I remembered the day I picked up the phone, the mail carrier was smiling at me asking how am I doing. And then I realized maybe the cliche story might really happen — -the residents fell for the mail carrier who brought lovely news.

Today I am flying to Taiwan, or back to Taiwan — long have been the days where I am bothered about where I belong, and where I am heading for. It was last Christmas that I talked to Dean, my elementary school mate, that I wanted to go to Taiwan, and that I could not stand living in Switzerland anymore.— I was on the edge of mental breakdown because of toxic working environment, single-sided affection and lack of comprehenders— I need to be in a familiar environment where people really tell the truth sincerely and I could just leave off my guard relaxing — — out of desperation I asked to stay at his place for some two weeks.

Within an hour Dean said yes. He has arranged everything. Even the visit to match-maker temple with me. — -The way he says ‘yes’ is a comforting ‘yes’ — no ‘but,’ no ‘maybe’, just a definite ‘yes.’ He keeps his promise and calms me down that there is always someone I can trust.

So I was about to board on the plane, and I realized there is a new regulation I was not aware of — -each household can only accommodate 1 person. So either I am out or either he is out from his place. — — I thought Dean did not know this.

‘Of course he is staying in his place and I have to quickly find a place to stay in a quarantine hotel. ‘

I got panicked and figured out I can barely afford the quarantine hotels in Taiwan— -fine, the worst case I will just be deferred back to Switzerland and have my job interview at the airport. The movie ‘the terminal’ by Tom Hanks popped up to my mind. I have never lived in airports, a new experience why not.

And then Dean called me,‘ yes you are going to stay in my place all alone. My flatmate and I are moving to my partner’s place temporarily. ‘ I could foresee his eyes roll off on the other side of the phone.

‘You told your flatmate to move out for me as well? What about you? Where are you staying then? ‘

‘In my partner’s place. I told you.‘

That is the moment when I realized when he says ‘yes’ it is really a yes — — a yes to take care of my emotion, a yes to take care of the travel regulations that I did not even know, a yes to prepare my living groceries, a yes to accompany me through the rough times abroad.

Meanwhile he himself is a residential doctor, occupied by the hustling medical affairs and on his way to a listed psychiatrist, according to himself.

But he is already the best psychiatrist I could ever encounter.



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